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    Oxygen Ambulance Service is the most normally used medication in alternative medicine and when used sensibly in the handling of hypoxemia it unquestionable saves lie. Inside the oxygen ambulance service, we find a variety of medical equipment, including cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks, and IV emergency equipment.

    Emergency Government Ambulance Number in India is calling on 112. In 2015, the TRAI had approved the use of 112 as the universal emergency number.

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    Basically, only oxygen cylinders or tanks in ambulance are possible in both BLS and ALS Ambulance Service. Oxygen Ambulance Service is demanding on the requirement and caring of patient. ANSH Air and Train Ambulance Service Company provide oxygen supplies in Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services. In fact, oxygen ambulance always justifies to the patient that he needs only oxygen support or additionally other emergency equipment. Oxygen Ambulance clarifies all the ways of medical evacuation services such as Charter Aircraft Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Train Ambulance, ALS Ambulance, BLS Ambulance, and Emergency Ambulance. According to the patient’s need, this oxygen facility is accommodated in these ambulance services.

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