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Jet Aircraft Ambulance

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    Jet Aircraft Ambulance:

    Jet Air Craft Ambulance Service, Medical Jet or Jet Aviation Medical Flight is another form of patient transportation through aeromedical routes. The names of some jet medical flights such as Sikorsky S-76, LeerJet 35, Cessna Citation V, and Gulfstream Jet are also used as a Jet Aircraft Ambulance Service in India. These types of air ambulance services are fixed winged planes with twin engines.

    A medical jet is also a private jet that has been outfitted with the entire specific emergency equipment that allows it to operate as a flying air ambulance. This private jet charter ambulance is hired by anyone in India to shift their patients. This medical jet has also 7-8 seats that are well-occupied with emergency medical assistance. It is a stretcher fitting where the patient lies with the same medical accommodation under the doctor and the paramedical technician supervision. The pilot and the captain also fly this medical jet safely.

    As an online survey and reviewed, we are presenting their names. There are many best private jet companies that names are- Villiers Jets, Vida Jets, Private Jet Finder, Virofly, Stratos jet Charters, City Jet Inc, and Lucky Jets.

    What is the safest private jet?

    First of all, people have only one goal to save their loved one shifting their loved at the destination medical place. The transportation by private jet must be economical and budget-friendly to them. Among all the names, Pilatus PC-12 NGX is one of the most economical and safe medical jet ambulance services. In fact, it is one of the safest singly engine airplane in the world, in its over 7 million flight hours. This is the PC 12 NGX has proved itself as the most versatile, safe, and valued aircraft in the private segment

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    Comparing Medical Jet Ambulance and Air Charter Ambulance Service in India:

    If we compare Medical Jet Ambulance with Air Charter Ambulance, then Private Medical Jet will be costlier than that one. It is because of this private jet medical flight consumes more fuel then air charter. The standard of medical jet is on top level in comparison with air charter.

    The number of seats are equal in both medical jet and air charter but accommodation of medical jet is expensive than that one. This is one of the highly expensive private medical flight than charter aircraft medical one.

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